The genealogical firm was created in 2001 by enthusiasts, Jean-Philippe Guénifey and Pascal Georgelin. It has been able to adapt to the challenges of the profession and is continually improving.

A major player in heir finding, the main purpose of the firm is to find and represent heirs in inheritance matters. It has over 80 employees, all lawyers or historians, whose expertise and experience is at your disposal.

Today, the firm is welcoming a new era, with international ambitions!


Evolution of the Genealogist's profession

Complexe profession

For around a century, the profession of heir finder has developed and become more complex at the same time.


The increasing rate of divorces, blended families, increased mobility, different surnames within the same family and increasing life expectancy means that identifying heirs or owners of property is not so easy.


A notary in charge of an inheritance is obliged to identify all potential heirs of the deceased. This, however, is a best efforts obligation, they usually don't have the material, human and legal resources required when it comes to finding heirs.

The solution

A genealogist! A genealogist is the only professional authorised by law to consult all civil status registers which can identify heirs up to 6 times removed.

They talk about us

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Etude Généalogique Guénifey « revolutionizes the activity by creating a Trust »

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