The “Banking & Insurance” department is a national contact point enabling us to best meet the regulatory obligations set by the Eckert law.

Banks and insurance companies have an obligation to put in place the means to identify the beneficiaries of inactive accounts and dormant contracts. However, both human and material resources may fail them when it’s about looking for them. This task proves difficult due to:

A team of experienced
and passionate professionals

Experienced researchers

The researchers' mission is to establish with certainty the inheritance devolutions:
They identify and locate the heirs. Often historians or archivists by training, they master all available archival sources and follow a strict methodology to guarantee the accuracy of the devolution.

An efficient legal service

Made up of notaries and lawyers, this service supports our teams to guarantee the security and responsiveness of our actions.

An international department

Provides international research and supervises a set of correspondents around the world

Des spécialistes du règlement des successions

Our directors or regional managers are the agents of the identified heirs and faithfully represent them within the framework of the settlement of the succession. Lawyers with notary degrees and specialists in the liquidation of inheritance assets, they ensure that the interests of heirs are best preserved, in collaboration with the bank and insurance company, for which they aim to be available and responsive partners.

Our engagements

Monitoring the progress of research
Detailed and justified response
Professional insurance
A dedicated team of researchers
A single point of contact for processing and monitoring your requests